Comment, and Receive a Poem Tailor-Made For You: A Challenge

Dear readers,

I want to write a poem for you, and especially for you!

If you comment something about yourself, your interests or anything related to you, I will write a poem just for you!

This is completely free of course 🙂

If you like it, follow my blog for more updates!

All the love,



Author: amandwrites

The ordinary, expressed in poetry and in stories, is supposed to be special.

6 thoughts on “Comment, and Receive a Poem Tailor-Made For You: A Challenge”

    1. A Poem Especially For Brenda

      Early Morning Decisions

      The weather is just right
      Birds sing and birds feed
      As the steam of your tea
      Tells you to read

      For the creation of others
      Inspires you to look
      Even beyond the limits
      Of that great book

      The cool summer morning
      Allows you to see meaning
      In the works of your peers
      Without the publisher’s screening

      As you allow
      The words to enrich your mind
      Those boots are all of a sudden
      Hard to find

      Tell me what you think!
      If you like it, tell others about it!

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