Young soul – abandoned

Childhood, never pardoned 

Like a forgotten suitcase, left

Of parental love, bereft

Personally packed, carefully held

Thrown – onto the baggage belt

Traveled tens of thousands…


Time left to claim


The others – beautiful and cared for
Love-packed to their core

But the unopened lock – a token

Of unrequited love, truly


Clothes never to be worn

For this suitcase, no one to mourn

Filled, like an overflowing bucket

Emptied, by those who struck it

Destined for the belt – a painful frown

The zipper breaks, condensation pours down

An unremorseful stop, no more spinning around

The sinkhole appears – no more ground


You Are Good Enough

You are good enough
With your messy hair
Your mismatched socks
And your smelly feet

You are good enough
With your torned jeans
Your unclipped nails
And your subtle smile

You are good enough
For you are you
Unique and the same
Plain and mundane