Young soul – abandoned

Childhood, never pardoned 

Like a forgotten suitcase, left

Of parental love, bereft

Personally packed, carefully held

Thrown – onto the baggage belt

Traveled tens of thousands…


Time left to claim


The others – beautiful and cared for
Love-packed to their core

But the unopened lock – a token

Of unrequited love, truly


Clothes never to be worn

For this suitcase, no one to mourn

Filled, like an overflowing bucket

Emptied, by those who struck it

Destined for the belt – a painful frown

The zipper breaks, condensation pours down

An unremorseful stop, no more spinning around

The sinkhole appears – no more ground


Don’t You Think It’s Great To See All Those Travel Pictures? Yeah, Me Neither

You travel and travel
And you can’t wait to find
That one special thing
You so deliberately left behind

I need to find myself
Is the most common phrase
But you have left yourself at home
The moment you parted ways

You won’t find yourself out there
So don’t even bother
Because the only things you will find
Are the footsteps of another

You are not the first
And, most certainly, not the last
Who tries to travel
To erase their past

And then you have truly lost
That one part which makes you you
Just because you couldn’t handle
The fact that the phrase is not true

And now your pictures will be the judge
Let’s see if there is anything left to defend
Did you travel for a good reason
Or just because it’s a trend


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We Are All a Bit Like That – Aren’t We?

A simple question with such a difficult answer. Are we all unique? Yes, definitely. But aren’t we all a little bit the same? I’d like to think so. We strive and strive to be found special, to be that one person nobody else is. We go to such great lengths to prove this.

For example, we cannot just take a picture anymore, because it needs to be the best picture. We need to show others that our life is worth taking a picture of. Our life should be that type of special.

I believe that it is very important to realize that there is nothing wrong with living a regular day-to-day life. We are led to believe our life is only special if we do the most amazing things that no one else does. In my opinion, this makes no sense. If we keep trying to outdo ourselves or others, where does it end? When will we be satisfied with the life that we are living?

Can we ever be satisfied then?

If we take a look at our lives again and re-evaluate how it is going, don’t you think that many parts are actually going quite well? And in fact, they are special? Because I would certainly think so. Maybe we should not worry so much about what we are not doing, but focus on what is present in our lives right now. Maybe we did not climb that mountain yet, with the best possible picture taken, but there are many other moments worth remembering.

But I also understand that everyone has their doubts about this. Because, don’t we all worry that we are not good enough, that we do not do the things we should be doing and that we will not accomplish the things we should be accomplishing? I think we all share these doubts and perhaps we should change our perspective on the matter.

Let’s not try to be someone we are expected to be. We do not need to be that someone we are expected to be. Expectations are there to be adjusted, because we all have our own ways of getting where we want to go – even if not everyone agrees with you.

Your life is your own, with all its opportunities.

It is okay to be yourself, even though it can seem difficult.
To doubt and to reflect is part of it all.

But I think we are all a bit like that.

Aren’t we?


Read my poem about this topic here ‘You Are Good Enough‘.




You Are Good Enough

You are good enough
With your messy hair
Your mismatched socks
And your smelly feet

You are good enough
With your torned jeans
Your unclipped nails
And your subtle smile

You are good enough
For you are you
Unique and the same
Plain and mundane



On Words

The idea of the end of words
Is the oldest form of conversing
To move those lips without meaning
Shows the disregard of society

The idea of the accuracy of words
Is the strongest form of conversing
To move those lips with intent
Shows the appreciation of society

The idea of the beginning of words
Is the youngest form of conversing
To move those lips without restraint
Shows the non-credibility of society

Society holds the value that
The end of the oldest shows no meaning
The accuracy of the strongest shows intent
The beginning of the youngest shows no restraint

Disregard for those without meaning
Appreciation for those with intent
Non-credibility for those without restraint
Shows the reversal of intellectuality