Comment, and Receive a Poem Tailor-Made For You: A Challenge

Dear readers,

I want to write a poem for you, and especially for you!

If you comment something about yourself, your interests or anything related to you, I will write a poem just for you!

This is completely free of course 🙂

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Nothing Is What It Seems

I always love that moment
That sweet moment when I
Realize that the traffic light
Has changed its color for my

Tardiness in life
Seems to come ever so swift
It almost seems
That the green light’s a gift

But that does not mean
That the red light is good
Oh don’t even think
That it has a mood

Because after all
A traffic light is not alive
This is absolutely not
A metaphore for my wife

Familiar Struggles With Nails

As you cut your nails
There is one piece left behind
That tiny piece of nail
That you just cannot find

It has been swallowed by your skin
To never be found again
You must now walk
With a pin from within

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