The lake, taken

Prisoner by man

-made plastic prisons

Plastic cells gave

Plastic smells

Turned plastic taste

Into plastic waste

Now the plastic cell

As by plastic spell

Created a plastic lake

Out of this plastic plague

Author: amandwrites

The ordinary, expressed in poetry and in stories, is supposed to be special.

5 thoughts on “Lake”

      1. I always love when a master (writer? poet? author? Weak nouns! Be on the next level! Master. Sounds about right. *nice idea for a haiku. Thanks!) uses repetition to reinforce his / her message.
        Such repetition – I’m sure there’s a proper term for that. Man, what an uncouth embarrassment I am – also evokes a vivid imagery… Loved using this trick myself, back in the day 🙂

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      2. Not yet! First, need to suffer haiku limitations, you know like these ankle weights you use for fitness.
        Then when it gets truly unbearable, like wearing a winter fur coat in a swelting hot summer, while viciously dancing boogey-woogey, then I’ll add free verse to my literary diet!

        I got so chatty all of a sudden :-0 limitations say nothing on writing in comments 😉

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